Chao is the village in Adjara, Georgia, in the Khulo municipality. The Village is located in the gorge of Adjaristskali river 1120M above sea level. The village Chao is characterized by 23 varieties of vine species and grapes that are growing in this ancient village. Chao wine is distinguished by its unusual aroma and unique taste. There are many pitchers found in the village, which indicates that population have always been produced wine and kept it in the pitchers to maintain high quality of its production and storage.

Today the owner of Chao, the father of notable Family Mr. Tamaz Makharadze Produces three kinds of wines, which are exclusively produced for exceptional varietal grapes harvested from most prestigious Chao village vineyards and produced by using the old recipes and technology. The wine cellar of Hotel Chao preserves more varieties of wines and spirits.